Our Approach

"Mariah is so positive and encouraging. She kept saying things like "oh, this is so lovely!" and it made you focus on and enjoy every moment of the day. She is lighthearted, fun & very professional and her assistant was equally nice & helpful. I would recommend her unconditionally"

After photographing about 200 weddings, our wedding team is very skilled at staying as "fly on the wall" as possible while still being right there whenever you need us. Our favorite moments are the unscripted ones...we love laughter, tears, hugs & smiles and will try to document all of them for you. All that being said, beautiful and authentic posed portraits are extremely important and we take great care in composing those for you (with lots of quickness and laughter, of course!) We work very hard at making our images genuine, elegant, timeless & emotive.


- Our natural way of interacting with clients will put you at ease and enable you to be genuine & relaxed during portraits. Most of our clients who start out uncomfortable in front of the camera quickly become comfortable with us and that makes all the difference,

- Mariah's a bit obsessed with lighting. She goes to great lengths to make sure your images are lit beautifully, She can even create gorgeously lit images in a very dark room, outdoor setting, wine cave, etc by using advancing lighting techniques that include discreetly setting up little flashes around the area...very cool.

- Camera's don't always do the most flattering things to people...we've all been there! Mariah has been trained by posing masters on how to direct you into positions that will show off how gorgeous you look while still looking like yourself and not a posed barbie. So, don't worry, you'll look stunning (and like yourself) in your portraits!

- We're huge on teamwork! And, not just with our team but with your entire wedding vendor team. It's not uncommon to see our crew chipping in to help place desserts. move tables, sew buttons, lighting candles, pretty much whatever needs to happen! If Mariah can spare an assistant for a few moments to help another vendor make your day run smoother, she's all over it!

- We never forgot the purpose of your day. As important as pictures are to us, there's no image so fantastic that it's worth ruining a part of your day to create it. We work with full knowledge that this is not a portrait shoot - it's your wedding day!

- Planners love us because we're always on time! Literally, always. Being late gives Mariah hives.

- Mariah grew up in a darkroom and has an innate love for film photography. She may even bring her film camera to capture a few at your wedding.

- We're a full time studio! That means we're almost always available for whatever you need, our response time is super fast and all your images and products will be delivered on time.

- Mariah spent many years tending bar and teaching group fitness classes - this combo has given her an uncanny ability to get people, of all sobriety levels, to do exactly what she wants them to do...usually to an 8 count beat ;)

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