Wedding in Napa | CIA Greystone, St. Helena

This elegant evening Jewish wedding in Napa was pure celebration!!  I first met the bride & groom at their engagement session and was taken with how considerate they were with each other.  It was obvious that they both wanted the other to be happy and they were each willing to do what it took to make that happen.  They truly enjoyed just seeing the other one happy.  Talk about a solid start to a wonderful marriage.

No detail was overlooked – these two wanted a beautiful, romantic, ritualistic wedding that was full of fun and they definitely got it all.  We started with a very sweet, nerve reducing first look at a neighboring property so they could be alone.  And, then got to it with lots of portraits because their wedding pictures were a huge deal for them (totally agree!)  They were fortunate to have a lot of family members celebrating with them so it was definitely important to document that.  Thank you to my fantastic second photographer, Sheila of Studio J for bringing her A game!

I absolutely love the rituals at Jewish weddings.  And, the Ketubah signing is one of my favorites.  Not only because it’s a contract outlining the groom’s responsibility to the bride (definitely the way it should work) but because it’s a physical document that serves as a reminder of the bride and groom’s responsibility to each other.

While I love the breaking of the glass, the seven blessings, and the tradition of the chuppah, it’s the Horah that leaves me smiling all night long!  It definitely has to be the happiest dance ever!  All generations, full of joy and connecting in celebration – just so wonderful to be a part of!  Although, the bride and groom never seem 100% sold on the raising of the chairs…it always gives me great pictures!

The twinkle lights, white & green palette, simple and elegant touches gave these two a perfect setting for a day filled with love, elation, laughter and excitement.  It was an absolute honor to be a part of it!


The ruins at Beringer gave us a sweet, intimate corner for their first look

Alone time over – let’s get this party started!! napa wedding party

The first pick was the desired effect.  The below are the outakes – which are my absolute favorite! napa winery wedding portrait photography napa winery wedding portrait ketubah signing pictures

Grandpa Joe updating his gram napa wedding ceremony pictues CIA greystone ballroom wedding napa wedding decor photos reception wedding pictures black and white candid napa wedding photography candid napa wedding photography

And, this happened!  A gorgeous voice for a gorgeous woman!  Such a touching moment. napa wedding photography first dance napa wedding photograph horah wedding dance photos

They may not love the Horah as much as I do… horah dance wedding pictures

Planner | So Eventful
Venue | Culinary Institute of America – Greystone
Second Photographer | Studio J 
⁠Beauty | Whirlwind Blow Dry Lounge
Band | Lucky Devil’s Band
Florals | Julie Stevens Designs
Lighting | Twilight Design
Offsite Portraits Location | Beringer Winery