Romantic Kohl Mansion Wedding

I just about died when our team pulled up at the absolutely stunning Kohl Mansion in Burlingame for last Saturday’s wedding.  I was already extremely excited to photograph this bride & groom because they were such fantastic people and I knew the wedding day would be full of laughs.  Plus, Lyndsie just exudes an inner beauty that I couldn’t wait to photograph.  But, when I walked through and saw all the gorgeous architecture and lighting I got to play with, I think I actually squealed a little.  Typically, we’re in very picturesque vineyards (poor us, I know ;)), so I don’t get much of an opportunity for a different environment to work in.  Walking through this venue made me feel like I was in historical romance novel and my creative mind did a little dance of joy.  We ended up with not much time for portraits (as weddings go) but I could’ve created portraits of her and Tony for hours there!!

The day was full of very touching moments.  These two have very strong family bonds and the stories, laughter & tears were ever present.  It was an absolute honor to be part of such a sweet event.  Enjoy their sneak peek!

The embroidered handkerchief was a first for me.  What a very sweet moment when he first saw his little girl ready to get married!

I mean, COME ON!!!  Does it get more gorgeous??

The skirt on her dress was just so fabulous!! 

I’m especially grateful that the venue added balcony’s just for us photographers!

The very special favors were from the last batch of limoncello made by their beloved grandfather right before he passed.  A very touching tribute to him.

Very endearing toasts and speeches.  After Lyndsie’s dad made a whole lot of good natured fun of Tony, he ended by saying he was wrong thinking that no man would ever be good enough for his little girl.

And, then this guy got the mic…and the selfie stick.  I think he mentioned babies at least 15 times in that speech…lol.  Someone wants to be a grandpa!!

Sisters have such a special bond.  Amy delivered a very sweet and funny toast to Lyndsie & Tony – we all got a little misty eyed.

GOLDEN HOUR!!  Always the most stressful time of the day – watching the sun, waiting for the perfect 10 minutes and juggling that timing with the toasts and events.  We timed it just right!!

I’m pretty convinced I work with the happiest brides ever!!!

Tony training to be my assistant and mastering the veil poofing!

Ceremony | St. Catherine
Reception | Kohl Mansion
Catering | La Bocca Fina
Florals | Anna Campbell
Music & Lighting | Sound in Motion