Romantic & Emotional Trentadue Winery Wedding

This delightful vineyard wedding at the gorgeous Trentadue Winery brought me to tears at least 3 times.  Couple’s always ask me about First Look’s and I tell them I have absolutely no preference.  Whatever they want to do, works for me!  But, I am so very glad that these two chose to have a First Look and chose to do it privately.  It was an extremely touching moment that me and my assistant walked away from rather quickly.  I’m pretty sure there was no one else in their world at that moment but that last thing we wanted to do was intrude on such a beautiful coming together (yes, I was still shooting but from much farther away than usual).  But, the real benefit of this moment was the super romantic groom got to get some of his nerves calmed before the big aisle walk.  He was almost jumping out of skin with excitement to see her.  It was absolutely fantastic and such a great example of one of the positives of a First Look.

And then the special moments just kept on coming!  Every time we turned around someone was so overcome that they had to let a few tears flow.  A constant reminder of why I love weddings so much.  Not to mention all the gorgeousness I got to photograph!  From this bride’s oh so sparkly jewelry to the soft & organic florals to the stunning bride & groom themselves…everything made me do a happy little camera dance and I just loved being there!!

Enjoy their sneak peek!

There’s a lovely Pittsburgh (or Italian…you choose) tradition of having a cookie table at your wedding.  But, this crew took it even a step further when the fabulous Mother of the Groom and her friend went to work to bake them all!!  She perfected her recipes for months before the big day and spend days baking right before the wedding.  There was something like 2,000 cookies ready to be enjoyed!  The cream filled curly cues were definitely my favorite (anybody know what they’re called???) but the chocolate dipped chocolate chip were a close second.  Macenzie from Milestone Events did such a stellar job of setting up the table that we did a little Instagram Live video of her in action (sorry you missed it…they only stay up for 24 hrs…did not know that).

Venue | Trentadue Winery
Coordinator | Milestone Events Group
Catering | Elaine Bell
Florals | Dragonfly Floral
Cake | Your Sweet Expectations