Over 40 Gorgeous Wedding Portaits In Less Than 10 Minutes!

No Joke – let me fill you in on how this is even possible!  Most of my wedding photography clients really don’t want to spend a lot of time away from their guests.  But, they also wanted gorgeous & flattering wedding portraits.  Could be difficult to make those two work together.  Or, not!  Our studio is going into it’s 12th year of photographing weddings.  That’s over 200 weddings where I’ve been asked to create beautiful portraits, in a limited amount of time.  Not only that, but most include some travel time to get to the perfect light and vineyard, ocean, and/or mountain backdrops.  It’s been a personal challenge of mine to make this part of the wedding day as quick and fun as possible…without sacrificing the quality of the portraits, of course.  At my last wedding of 2017, I think I broke a record.  Granted, I had a fantastic couple to work with (although, all my couple’s are fantastic) and an amazing venue team at Calistoga Ranch to help.  But, putting together all the skills, tip & tricks I’ve learned over the years, definitely paid off.

This couple (and they’re adorable “fur baby”) enjoyed a heartfelt, emotional and intimate ceremony at one of the most stunning Napa Valley wedding venues.  While they didn’t have wedding guests waiting on them, the sun was also not waiting.  We knew we had about 15 minutes before we lost the sun completely and 2 locations we wanted to photograph them in.  Between each location was a 5 minute cart ride so we needed to move.  We also needed a little time to convince their very accommodating pup that riding in a plastic walled, motorized golf cart was really an okay thing.

We started at the vineyard, knowing that the sun would disappear there first.  Perfect timing – sun was just setting and casting that gorgeous orange glow.  Then, jump back into the cart and speed up the hill for the vista shot (I do believe some people may have had to jump out of the cart’s way ;)).  We caught the last few minutes of sunshine and used every last bit!! 5 min’s at vineyard, 5 min. drive and 4 min’s up top.  And, check out the results below:

PS:  Dear future clients – while this amount of awesomeness is possible in less than 10 min’s of shooting time, please don’t hesitate to give me more…all that running is not pretty 😉