Fun Loving Wedding!

I think I pretty much laughed the whole day at this fun loving wedding!  Not only was the couple extremely gracious, appreciative and fun but the wedding party & guests were so awesome that we didn’t want to leave!  The bride & groom surround themselves with really awesome people and we had a fantastic time!!

In fact, they love hanging out with all their people so much that we skipped sunset portraits.  When I asked if they wanted to go do them, the groom said “We have plenty of pictures of us two – I want pictures of us with the people we love!!”.  You got it!  You will hear no complaints from me on that one.  Whenever I meet potential clients, I always ask about the importance of photographing their guests.  Chances are, if they’re hiring me, it’s extremely important!  Weddings are about more than just the couple.  They’re about families growing bigger, friends meeting other friends and moments of getting to tell someone just how awesome they are and how much you love them (which no one ever does enough!).  There was so much love flowing through that day and it was amazing to be around!

There were also swords (well, one sword).  Because no wedding would be complete with a knighting ceremony, right?  Hopefully, they have since figured out what the lovely bride will be calling her husband – “Sir Husband” “Husband Sir”.  It was a heated debate.

And, original music written, produced, sang and recorded but none other than the Sir Groom himself!  Their first dance was to this very sweet tribute to his gorgeous bride.  So very cool.

Enjoy their sneak peek!