How I cleared my brain fog….

How I cleared my brain fog….

So, I know this doesn’t really have anything to do with photography but I also know that tons of women my age deal with pea soup brain and maybe this will help!  I remember my first pregnancy and how stupid I felt.  Seriously, I lost my words and felt like my head was full of cotton balls.  You may not believe me, but I actually used to be pretty witty and sharp minded.

Now, I can be found staring at a blank wall for a solid 10, 15, maybe even 20 minutes.  It feels like my hamster would like to maybe run but instead just sits there eating Doritos and watching crappy tv.  So, here’s how my quest to get that lazy hamster off his tooshie and back to work.

I was told over and over again to get rid of the devil glutens.  They were the cause of this annoyance (because I don’t think I can blame prego brain anymore).  That may be true but, not to be dramatic or anything, I would rather die than not eat my sourdough.  I would say that about 40% of my enjoyment of my life is due to the amazingly delicious food that indulge in daily.  I love flavor.  I love texture.  And, I love me some glutens.  Heck, half the reason I shoot weddings is the killer catering I get to eat!  I don’t want to be a picky eater.  So, I’m not.  And, if it means that my head’s a little puffy, so be it.

Next on my quest was hearing that I needed to drink 182 ounces of water a day (or something like that.)  That sounds miserable.  I tried amping up my daily intake of water and while I felt hydrated, my brain wasn’t feeling the effects.  Before I launched on an all out water drinking binge, my husband made a really good point.  Until recent history, humans haven’t had access to huge amounts of clean water on a daily basis.  There’s no way our bodies evolved into needed 462 ounces of water a day to keep our bodies running as they should.  That’s not how evolution works (and I believe him because he’s a genius and has a degree in micro biology and he’s friends with a scientist who has a phd – so there).  Yes!!  I got out of that one!!

So, how about alcohol?  Do I have to give up my beloved wine, beer & vodka?  Please no please no please no.  But, I tried it.  Who knows – I may not even miss it.  But, I did.  I totally missed it.  And, I didn’t notice any difference in my brain ability.  None.  I did, however, notice a change in my mood.  Total side note, but an interesting one.  After drinking a glass of wine or three, I would be a bit cranky the next couple of days (beer had even worse cranky effects on me).  But, apparently if my alcohol is heavily distilled, that crankiness doesn’t happen.  So me and vodka are gold best friends and while I’ll never stop drinking wine, she’s been moved down to bronze level and only gets taken out on special occasions.

In the end, I’ve tried 100’s of things to fix my brain (ok, maybe more like 7) – Luminosity, brisk walks in the afternoon, green tea, yoga, Intense Study radio on Spotify (that’s actually a little helpful) and I was still finding myself staring at my monitor having no idea who I was, where I was or what I was doing.

Until – are you ready – here’s the big fixer.

The reason I can now blog like a madwoman while editing images, hiring new Assoc’s and launching a promotion.  I found this brand new, unheard of, way of moving called Tai Chi.  Ever heard of it?

Actually, it’s been around for 1000’s of years (sounds about right) and is a tried and true way of aligning your Chi.  Don’t roll your eyes, just try it.  I wake up early about 3 days of week and get crazy amounts of oxygen to all parts of my body.  My spine is like an oxygen speed train bringing that wonderful, brain fog clearing molecule (is it a molecule…better ask my husband) to all blocked areas.  I can actually think again…and pretty clearly, too.  And I’m not even doing it daily, nor do I feel the tingle in my fingertips (but I will, mark my words, my fingertips will tingle one day).

Want to try it??  Here’s a link to the video that I use by the crazy successful and full of vitality entrepreneur, Pedram Shojai.

Daily Dozen Tai Chi

I watched his workshop on Creative Live and highly recommend it!!  I’m now optimizing my energy like a champ while still being a gluten indulging, non gallon of water drinking, booze hound.  It doesn’t get much better than that!!