How we Beautified our School with Portraits!

How we Beautified our School with Portraits!

My children are fortunate enough to attend an absolutely amazing school.  I’m grateful everyday that they are taught how to learn, instead of what to learn.  That they are loved, respected and enjoyed by their teachers.  That their school teaches to the whole person, not just the scholastic part.  They learn handwork, farming, woodworking, dance, art, along with how to be a productive member of their community.  They’re all expected to help in all classroom tasks – they clean, organize and prepare meals.  And, of course, they’re taught all the academics which are extremely important.

Their classrooms are calm, focused and wonderful places to be.  The curriculum is Waldorf inspired which is a solid & rigid program developed in Germany over 100 years ago.  I knew nothing about it until I met my husband.  He graduated from another local fabulous Waldorf school and his approach to learning has always inspired me.  He loves learning and remembers everything he learned in school (though he remembers it as stories, instead of fact lists…seriously, ask him any question about history and he’ll answer it with a story).

SunRidge is a public charter which means that they don’t charge tuition.  But, you can imagine how much it costs to offer all these fantastic classes on top of all the academic courses.  Because the parents value this curriculum so highly, we’re always helping to fundraise.  It’s an involved community of parents doing everything we can to keep this school thriving.  When I was trying to figure out what I could do to help, I remembered that I kinda know how to create portraits (duh).

So this year, myself and my lovely assistants (big thank you to Jana, Aaron, Emily, Lisa, Hassanah & Marcus) volunteered to create portraits of all the littles and to donate 100% of the net proceeds back to the school.  The fundraiser was a HUGE success!!  I laughed continuously for 2 days (even though it rained on the 2nd) and together, our SunRidge community raised $7,418.16!  This donation has been earmarked for campus beautification and I can’t wait to see the results!

My heart is warmed and full of appreciation!!  Great job, SunRidge families!!!

And, of course, a couple super cuties to make you smile : Sebastopol school portraits 01 Sebastopol school portraits 02 Sebastopol school portraits 03 Sebastopol school portraits 04