There are 2 moments in my journey with photography that I remember vividly. The first was when I was 12. I was in the darkroom for the first time. I remember the silencing darkness, the invasive smell and the soft red glow. And, I remember the second that I put that blank piece of paper in the developer. Instantly, a lost moment in time appeared. It was magic. I had frozen time. It was a silly, random little image of two of my friends but the possibilities it represented were infinite. I was immediately hooked.

The second was just a couple of years ago. I was learning posing styles from a phenomenal portrait photographer and brought my sister into my studio to practice on her. I was so nervous. I made her sit on a table and directed her into a completely awkward and uncomfortable pose. Then I looked through my camera and had her move her face in micro movements. As I watched through my lens, there was an instant where I saw her...truly saw her. Her face lined up perfectly with my eye and I pressed the shutter. Then I made some weird shriek noise and cried. In an instant the angle & connection lined up perfectly and just as quickly, it was gone.

The fleetingness, the perfectness and the beauty of the moment and her took my breath away. It reminded me of this passage that I had read many years ago and carry with me still:

"Sometimes, working with an image in my darkroom, the soul of a person appears, the emotion of an event or vital essence of some object; at that moment, gratitude explodes in my heart and I cry. I can't help it. Such revelations are the goal of my work."
- Isabel Allende, Portrait in Sepia

Photography allows me to show the world what I see. To share the beauty that I see in everything & everyone with others. It's my way of celebrating moments that are quickly lost. It's how I make sure these moments & these people will exist forever, in images.

I can't imagine a life where I am not a photographer.

Thank you so much for your time here. I hope you enjoy the images and visit often!

I'm a laugher, a cryer, and a lover of all things romantic. I started photography when I was 19, with an old film camera passed on by a family friend. Soon after, I moved to New York City and bought my first digital camera and practiced on everything in the Big Apple. First it was the obvious things - Times Square, the Hudson River, self-portraits. Then it was the man on the subway holding his sleeping child, the musician's hands as he played in the subway. The little things.

I like to think that the simple act of observation and being raised in the arts has connected me to my intuitive eye. I want your big moments and the tiny ones. I want to capture the in-betweens and every detail that will bring you right back to that special memory. My personal attachment to nostalgia has made me a regimented documenter of my own life, and I experience so much joy looking back on pictures of my own life - and I hope to bring that same joy to you!

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